X-ray Film and Medical Records Duplication
Film To Film Duplicating
Film to Film Duplicating of X-Rays, CAT Scans, M.R.I’s, Sonograms, Mammograms and most medical films.
Only top-quality film is used and your copies are returned sleeved and clearly labeled

Digital X-Ray Imaging
(X-Ray Scanning)

We can digitize your films to DICOM, TIFF, JPEG or any other format. Converting your films to a format such as TIFF or JPEG makes viewing and sharing your medical films as easy as viewing and sharing digital photos.

Film from Disc
Genuine hard copy x-ray film from CD's,
positive prints, mounted trial exhibits, color prints, settlement brochures, enlargements, reductions are among the vast selections available at competitive prices.

Selective Cropping
This special process allows you to focus on the portion of the film that is of most interest. This process can also be done on photo paper for enlargements and presentations.


Film Printing Solutions

As digital medical imaging becomes more popular, many of our customers receive copies of their
X rays, MRI's, CT Scans, Sonograms and dental x-rays on a disc instead of on film. When there is a need to have printouts of medical images onto film, XRaycopy.net can supply this service.
XRaycopy.net expertly prints films from disc. High quality film and equipment insures high quality printouts. We use Laser Imagers and the highest quality film. We can also supply you with additional copies of your existing discs.

Digital Scanning Specialists

Our fastest growing medical copy service has been the scanning of medical films to disc. If you have x-rays, MRI's,

CT Scans, Sonograms or dental X-rays on film and would like them converted to digital format,
XRaycopy.net can do the job. We can covert your medical films to DICOM, TIFF, or JPEG formats. All DICOM scans come with a DICOM viewer. This is a service for any individual or facility who wants the versatility and space-saving benefits of films in digital format.



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